Passion home - Apartment for sale in Saranda - Albania This apartment was built in 2019 The apartment is located on the fifth floor (5) The total area of the apartment is 60 m/2 Features of the apartments : The apartment is finished and ready to live. Composition: (1) bedroom + a living room - kitchen + (1) bathroom +a balcony The apartment is furnished This apartment is characterized more high quality of constituent elements such as tiles, doors, windows, electrical materials, plumbing, sanitary. Advantages of this apartment Distance from the sea about 150 meter The apartment is situated in the south - east The apartment is located 3 km the city center The apartment have sea view ( Both rooms look to the sea ) Elevator available in each moment The near this palace is possible public parking and public green park , restaurants and various supermarkets . Drinking water and electric energy 24 hours guaranteed. A more stunning scenery and relaxing enable froom the balcony of this apartment. In one of the most peaceful areas of the city The benefits of renting during the tourist season in this apartment. Having bought the apartment you make yours a successful investment. We guarantee the administration and maintenance of this apartment during the 12 months of the year . We guarantee renting during the tourist season of the apartment during the 12 months of the year If you would like consultancy, apartments can be utilized during the tourist season, giving rent to vacationers. Rent daily during the tourist season for similar apartments in the buildings is 50-70 euros / day The expectation of the increase in the price is 8-10 % in years. A good opportunity for all concerned to make a successful investment. ==================================================== This apartment is located 12 km from the beaches of Ksamili This apartment is located 15 km from the ancient city of Butrint. This apartment is located 1.8 ml load of the island of Corfu. This apartment is located only 45 minutes from the airport of Corfu. The apartment has certificate of ownership ======================================================== To purchase the apartment in total , are these obligations .""""""""" The price of the apartment in 72000 Notarial contract of purchase - sold 250 euro Registration of the apartment in the new owner's name 300 euro Supply contract with electricity and water 250 euro Annual property taxes 50 euro in year Annual fee for maintenance of the apartment 100 euro in year ====================================================== Thise apartment is recommended for: One one family who wish to have an apartment for their holidays, One pairs pensioners (very low cost of living, very good climate ======================================================== Under Albanian law, all foreigners can buy apartments in Albania . Having bought an apartment in Albania, foreign citizens benefit entitlement to long term residence permit in Albania. Sarandainvestproperty Agensy has cooperation with several professional advocate and within a very short timeframe, with our consultancy, you will benefit long-term residence permit in Albania.. .Many the apartments available for sale in Saranda , we can suggest for you. For a visiting for this apartment and many others available, you welcome Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information. This property is managed exclusively by: Saranda Invest Property Agency Eron Cumani Saranda invest property agjensy